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Burt™ is a diverse jerkbait.

The Burt, 9 inches long and weighing 2.14 ounces, is a unique jerkbait that has proven deadly year after year. It’s unique shape makes it easy to use. With a simple snap or pull on the rod tip, Burt gives an erratic down-and-to-the-side action that triggers fish. Available in both a weighted (3.0 ounces) and unweighted model, this lure allows you to work effectively over submerged weed beds, no matter the depth, probing holes and pockets that other lures can’t penetrate. Burt was invented by legendary angler Pete Maina as an improved jerkbait. The plastic construction coupled with the profile and hook locations resulted in a jerkbait that improved hooking percentages over conventional wood lures. The shallow version allows you to probe pockets, back up and out on the pause only to probe the next one. The weighted version allows you to reach even deeper, targeting suspended fish with a proven jerkbait presentation.