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Magic Maker™


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Walk-the-dog glide bait that fish simply can’t resist.

The original version was constructed of wood, carefully weighted to provide a wide gliding action with the simple twitch of the rod tip. In 2004 the classic was tooled in a plastic version, one of the first plastic glide baits on the market. The result was a consistent lure that glides wide, from side to side, and rolls with a legendary belly flash that drive fish insane. The plastic version is more durable and holds up fish after fish. The tough ABS plastic minimizes tooth penetration resulting in better hooking percentages and the hook hangers never pull out.

Cast or trolled this lure is exciting to watch and more exciting to use. A simple retrieve or troll causes the lure to swing from side to side flashing the belly every change of direction. Weighted to perfection, the lure falls at 1 foot per second, allowing you to work any depth with certainty. Count it down and begin the retrieve. Quick snaps produce a 180 degree turn….on a dime. Sweeping drags of the rod cause the Magic Maker™ to change directions, glide wide and stop. If you notice a follow, speed up the retrieve and bring the lure to the surface where it generates a large signature that fish pounce on.

The Magic Maker™ is innovative and incorporates rattles in a bait format that historically was only available in silent versions. The large eyes are mesmerizing to predatory fish and trigger strikes. The hand-painted finishes are legendary and hold up after repeated abuse.

The Magic Maker™ is equally effective trolled, cast and retrieved over submerged weed lines or bumped through heavy rock and timber cover. It may be the most exciting lure to fish in that you can make magic with minimal effort or experience.

Glides up to 4 feet wide under the water…

*Width and wave signature can be varied by speed and intensity of rod twitch. Use of medium/heavy or heavy rod recommended.