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Maniabou™ & Double Maniabou™

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The Maniabou™ was designed in the classic bucktail footprint.

The Maniabou™ is a unique in-line spinner that has the life-like qualities of natural marabou feathers combined with a bucktail tied treble. The combination of the two creates an undulating life-like presentation that pulsates and breathes as it is retrieved through the water. Muskies, Northern Pike, and Predator game fish simply cannot resist the Maniabou™.

Maniabou™ glides effortlessly through the water and can be casted and retrieved for hours without leaving the angler tired and exhausted. It also features heavy duty split rings for easy hook replacement, top quality blades and components, and precision hooks to ensure solid hook-ups and increased hooking percentages. Combine these features with American made craftsmanship, and you have one of the premier Marabou tails available today. You can count on Maniabou™ for years to come.

Double Maniabou

Two times the Marabou tail for two times the action. Double your chances with pulsating and breathing motion that no fish will be able to resist.