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Finally a Swimbait that actually swims!

Inspired by the Burt™ Jerkbait, the Lamprey™ is a cast and retrieve softbait with a realistic paddle tail action. The Lamprey’s shape and design combines the enticing paddle tail motion with a side-to-side rocking motion of the head and body. This hard-nosed bait gives an unparalleled life like action compared to conventional swimbaits, where all the motion comes solely from the tail. The Lamprey combines the rock and roll action of traditional crankbaits with, the life like action and feel; anglers have come to depend on from traditional soft plastic swimbaits. Bottom line, this bait is alive and once they bite down fish won’t let go!

Pro’s Tip: Very Versatile Bait! Cast or Troll it, fish shallow or deep, fast or slow. The Lamprey gives me the ability to adapt my presentation to any condition Mother Nature throws at me; on any lake I’m fishing. In the spring I can Jig it, or work it as a twitch bait! Summer I fish it as a Crankbait or Jerkbait. In the fall I use it as a jerkbait or crankbait; or I even slow troll it along structure breaklines. The side-to-side rock & roll action combined with the thump and vibration generated by the paddle tail are deadly on big Northerns, Muskies & Stripers! Spring, Summer, Fall, Pre-Spawn, Post-Spawn, Cold Front, High Pressure, Low Pressure; it doesn’t matter the Lamprey catches fish when nothing else will!