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This crawl does it all!

EXO™ is a hand poured soft plastic imitation swim bait that represents a natural food source within the predator food chain. When casting this CRAWFISH FORM as a crankbait the live action curly tail virtually brings this bait to life, making it irresistible to even the pickiest of big game fish. The Exo’s™ life-like qualities and Flashbou® tail accents, create a highly visible target very similar to real crawfish. The added flair of a curly tail that creates a vibrant footprint and attracts large game fish such as Muskie, Northern Pike and Striper…EXO™ LOOKS, SWIMS and FEELS like the REAL DEAL !

Pros Tip: Our favorite feature of the EXO is it’s versatility. EXO will produce fish from Ice out in the spring to freeze up in the fall; under any condition. You cannot fish this bait wrong, fish it as crankbait high and fast or low and slow, jerk, jig or troll it. Yes, troll it ! Exo can be deadly when trolled under cold front conditions. When & where do I like to use the Exo? Cool water conditions, starting in spring and early summer and again beginning in early fall through Ice up.  Big Fish Spots!  During Cold front and postfrontal conditions.